Calming States

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Simplify has since become the main philosophy

of Calming States .

A simple way to start simplifying is …….get a massage!   Why Calming States? Because I take the time to get to know you, to find out what you want out of  your experience.  You won't find the cookie cutter assembly line massage that the big box massage chains give. It's individual attention because you are a unique individual and more than just a customer. 
Take an hour or so to escape the world in a relaxing comfortable room with soft lights, soothing music and a Calming States Massage.  In that session you will be free of life’s demands.  Sounds like a simple way

to start doesn’t it?

     Massage Therapy and Wellness

Early on in my Massage Therapy career I had the honor of working with a Native American Elder.   As we were going into my massage studio he spotted a rustic sign on my wall that simply states “Simplify”. He looked at this little sign and said that the word “Simplify” is such a powerful word, and it’s a shame that

most people don’t understand it. 

We seem to be in a constant battle to acquire everything that we feel we must have to make us happy.  Often losing sight of the simple pleasures of friends, family, nature and life all around us.  In this quest for acquisitions, we work ourselves into frenzy, with long hours, time demands, tight schedules…

you get the picture - Stress